Case Study

The Challenge

Subaru Retail’s  partnership with JL Media is a more than 20 year relationship that gives JL Media a strong position in the multi-million dollar auto marketing media industry. Subaru represents over 8% of JL Media’s annual radio spend. They requested radio only Broadcast media buys for specific weeks over a 52 week period. All advertising must be in market on stations located within territory, specifically excluding certain locations as requested by client.

Our Media Strategy

  • Demos: Primary Demo Adults 35-64; Secondary Demo Adults 25-54.
  • Storm triggered radio is layered on top of main radio campaign during applicable seasons, meaning the branding schedule has an overlay of a storm campaign added that gets triggered by weather. This storm campaign add-on is only utilized in the fall, winter and partial Spring seasons, yet the media buy is negotiated along with the branded campaign. These buys are geo-targeted, as well as demographically targeted against a cost per point, (CPP) to meet a weekly rating point goal.  Rankers with a HH (household) income overlay utilizing a 3-book average are used to determine station choice.  Depending on ethnic skew of campaign, stations are contacted for costs and avails as well as any special events that might be applicable for tie ins during the campaign.
  • All stations on the buy provided added-value in the form of bonus spots. We only negotiate bonus spots that can run in schedule. The only exception is if the client used bonus spots to test new days and dayparts.
  • Stations with 35% of audience composition between 12-24 cannot submit.
  • Miller shows client percentages of  demo in 35-44, 44-49, 49-54 and 55+ which allows client to see dollar distribution against age groups.
  • Added value may be delivered in Sponsorships, Billboards or events at the dealer locations – all dependent on client’s needs.
  • Dayparts are narrowed for further impact on each station garnering the higher rating period.

Our Results

JL Media again helped Subaru achieve meaningful ROI through a strategic approach to media buying (radio) in the New York and New Jersey areas.

Year Relationship With Client
Million Dollar Media Spend
Months Campaign Lasted
US States Targeted (NY and NJ)