About Us

Our Formula

Over the years we’ve been in business, we’ve acquired the experience and acumen needed to create successful campaigns. This is what we like to call our “secret recipe for success”. A lot of agencies say they have it but fail when it comes to real results. The truth is, this secret recipe comes down to four key pillars: research, strategy, tracking, and an increase in ROI. With every campaign we take on, our focus is on these four pillars. Research allows us to hyper-target your audience, strategy gives us the ability to create a campaign that engages them, tracking keeps us accountable for every dollar spent, and an increase in ROI is our main goal.






Your Success Is Our Success

Our number one goal here at JL Media is to help our clients make more money – plain and simple. We measure our success by the success we bring our clients. That means when you’re happy, we’re happy. With every campaign we run, we are meticulous about the details.

With every creative campaign we launch, we make sure it drives sales. Because, let’s face it, awards are cool but results are better. That’s what makes us the top agency partner for Fortune 100 brands around the world. Contact us today to learn how we can help your business grow.

Our Approach

Here at JL Media, our approach to designing media campaigns is holistic. This ensures a targeted message is delivered across the channels with the highest ROI. Our goal is to deliver media allocation toward the most effective media channels for your business. This view allows us to determine the channels performing the best and tweak our optimizations on a regular basis. Our guiding philosophy is that the strategic planning process is an ongoing, consuming, and never-ending journey.


Whether we are taking over an existing campaign, or helping one of our clients test a brand new campaign, we plunge ourselves into researching their industry landscape, targeting their ideal demographic, understanding their media consumption habits, and conducting a complete competitive analysis.


Organization is important when it comes to an effective campaign. That is why we aggregate all of our data into one complete dashboard. This delivers real time analytics for our clients’ TV, Print, Radio, and Online media campaigns, allowing us to effectively and efficiently optimize their results.


We blend advertising campaigns with traditional advertising and digital tactics to maximize ROI our clients’ return on investment. This synthesis of various media and hyper-targeted strategy allows us to make sure we are spending every single dollar of marketing budget in the most effective way possible.