“We work with a wide range of clients, no matter what their budget is: $5,000 or $1 million – with the same dedication!”

—Jerry Levy, Founder/CEO

An Award Winning Integrated Media Company

For over thirty years, we’ve crafted innovative and effective advertising and promotional solutions for our clients. We seamlessly integrate creative, digital and mass media to delivered amazing results. No matter how media evolves, you can be 100% sure that JL Media will be able to offer your business a unique perspective, perfect execution and unparalleled customer service/support.

Experienced Marketers

When it comes to creating successful campaigns, strategic creativity is our guiding principle. Unlike other large media companies where strategy, planning & execution are broken up, JL Media has built our company to be more “client-centric”, making it easier to understand and communicate with our clients.

“We blend traditional & digital media to take your business to new heights.”

—Glenn Dennis, Managing Partner

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